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posted: 2/17/2014 5:00 AM

Laws should protect body sovereignty

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If a Wall Street hedge fund billionaire needs a kidney and I am a perfect match, I have no obligation to give him my kidney, even if it means his death. If the infant son of a U.S. senator has a rare blood disorder and only my platelets can save his life, the government cannot force me to donate my platelets. Laws are required to protect body sovereignty, because without it, the rich and powerful could demand our blood and organs as needed.

A woman has an inalienable right to an abortion. If the person in her womb could communicate, it would have no right to demand a woman sacrifice her body to protect its life, any more than a dying man can demand the blood, platelets or organs of an unwilling donor. Laws are needed to protect body sovereignty, not compromise it.

John Morgan

Arlington Heights

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