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posted: 2/16/2014 5:01 AM

Facts distorted on Obama and deficit

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Donna Brazile had a column in the Feb. 11 Daily Herald that led me to believe that her opinion of her readership is that they are either uninformed, naive or easily bamboozled. Ms. Brazile made the bold statement that "Since Obama took office, the national deficit has been reduced by one-half." I realize that she is desperate to find something positive to say about the current administration, but manipulation and distortion of facts just prove that she has no journalistic integrity.

In 2008 the deficit was $683 billion. The deficits of the Obama administration from 2009-2012, as everyone knows, ranged from $1.3 trillion to $1.7 trillion (source:

It is true that there has been a recent decline in the deficit, but credit should go to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, the branch of government which controls the purse strings. A decision was made that we should not continue to pass on to our children and grandchildren a massive debt burden resulting from reckless government spending. Although the House received negative press for its action, members persisted in implementing a reduction in spending that resulted in the enactment of a common-sense budget.

In order to be anywhere near the truth, Ms. Brazile's statement on reducing the deficit by one-half since Obama took office could only refer to his second inauguration. This sounds like something created by the White House spin doctors for the recent State of the Union address, and refers to a deficit decrease for which the president should take no credit. I am constantly amazed that the news media believe the American public is so gullible as to not question the distortions of fact which they attempt to present as honest and unbiased reporting.

Gary Sheffert

Arlington Heights

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