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updated: 2/11/2014 10:07 PM

Sochi many questions without answers

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  • A man is silhouetted against the Olympic Rings as he walks to the venue for the women's normal hill ski jumping final at the 2014 Winter Olympics on Tuesday in Krasnaya Polyana, Russia.

    A man is silhouetted against the Olympic Rings as he walks to the venue for the women's normal hill ski jumping final at the 2014 Winter Olympics on Tuesday in Krasnaya Polyana, Russia.
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Questions without answers about the Sochi Winter Olympics:

Haven't we seen enough of our own winter around here without importing more from Russia?

Or are we doing it because it's warmer there than here?

Won't my driveway be capable of hosting the downhill if it snows another inch?

Isn't saying that the Olympics have nothing to do with politics like saying the Super Bowl has nothing to do with football?

Do you feel badly for North American journalists who don't have pillows until you remember that homeless people don't have beds?

How did Warren Buffett, T. Boone Pickens and Donald Trump do in the men's moguls?




Can you imagine Tom Thibodeau coaching U.S. figure skaters and blustering, "Get! … Back! … Up!"?

Would Roger Goodell award the next Winter Olympics to a beach on Maui?

The Nordic Combined at the RusSki Gorki Jumping Center or the AT&T final round at Pebble Beach?

The men's bobsled or the Chicago Auto Show?

Aren't the Olympics the most overhyped event on NBC since Jay Leno's departure way back last week?

Do you really care about the men's biathlon if none of the contestants are potential Bears draft choices?

Come to think of it wouldn't you trade Major Wright and Chris Conte for the Jamaican bobsled team?

Do you think Sammy Sosa will compete for the Dominican Republic bobsled team in four years?

Wasn't it the great writer Dan Jenkins who noted that cross-country skiing is how Scandinavians go to the 7-eleven?

Admit it, you miss Tonya Harding, don't you?

The Russians invested more than $51 billion to stage these freaking Games?

Seriously, more than $51 billion?

Isn't it fitting that during Valentine's Day week, Olympic skiing without Lindsey Vonn is like PGA golf without Tiger Woods?

The luge is contested at the Sanki Sliding Center, of all places?

IOC politics or Illinois politics?

Ten Blackhawks players are in Russia, in February, in the middle of the NHL season?

Would you go to a party thrown by Vladimir P.U.tin, uh, sorry, make that Putin?

One-liners about the threat of terrorism would be inappropriate, wouldn't they be?

What about one-liners about the insufferable Bob Costas suffering from an eye infection?

Aren't freestyle events the only time anything resembling the word free will be heard during the Olympics?

Slopestyle … is that a ski-wear fashion show?

Oh, no, what if Shaun White has gone from the Flying Tomato to a Flying Tomato Can?

Hey, fella, why don't you go stick that in your halfpipe and smoke it?

In what way, shape or form is ice dancing a sport if barn dancing isn't?

What's it say that curling is the second-most entertaining Winter Olympics sport behind hockey?

Would the U.S. and Canada in the Olympic hockey title game be more compelling than the Blackhawks and Penguins in the Stanley Cup Final?

Is it possible that Michael Sam is merely campaigning to join Billie Jean King and other gay members of the U.S. delegation to the Olympics?

Do you hate me for thinking these Winter Games minus hockey would be like watching water freeze?

OK, now, have I earned the Olympic gold medal for sarcasm yet?

Regardless, here's the final question without answer: Sochi?

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