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posted: 1/30/2014 4:26 AM

Pay us more money, kids will get smarter

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Pay us more money, kids will get smarter

I was most intrigued when I saw a half page ad/letter from Cinda Klickna, president of the Illinois Education Association, titled "The Ingredients for Better Schools." After reading her letter for a second time, I am at a loss in trying to understand what she is actually proposing in order to improve things (other than we need more money).

Her next attempt should incorporate specific proposals in a bullet-point format instead of a meandering summary of a broken system and the importance of maintaining the status quo.

President Klickna begins her letter by stating what's behind the root causes of "seemingly" low test scores: teacher preparation, salaries and funding. In other words, we just need more money, and I promise you, the kids will get smarter. I find it odd President Klickna uses the word "seemingly" before "test scores" considering a synonym for "seemingly" is "the appearance of." Are we to believe the low test scores are not really low, they just "appear" low?

President Klickna makes no mention of charter schools. Considering who butters her bread that's no surprise. Louisiana, among numerous other locales, have made incredible strides in better education results for inner-city, disadvantaged youth by providing parents with vouchers that enable them to escape failing schools.

Grades and graduation rates are off the charts at charter schools. So much of a success, that Attorney General Eric Holder has sued the state of Louisiana trying to stifle this success. Why so afraid of a little competition, Mr. Holder and Ms. Klickna, especially when it benefits the kids you claim to stand up for?

R.A. Carlson


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