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posted: 1/20/2014 5:00 AM

At least Christie accepts responsibility

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Watching the left trying to gin up lane closures into a genuine scandal requires Cirque du Soleil-like contortions. This at a time when President Obama is fighting Jimmy Carter for the crown of worst president ever and Richard Nixon for the most corrupt.

The Fourth Estate long ago jettisoned their real mission as the tireless watchdogs of democracy and appointed themselves kingmakers, protectors and propagandists of the leftist du jour. Let me go on the record here and now and state unequivocally I am not a particular fan of Gov. Chris Christie. The reasons do not immediately matter. However the snapshots of contrast could not be more striking. The president lied about Obamacare. He continues to spin a bad program as if it is actually working. The NSA continues to spy on ordinary Americans, again contrary to his assurances. The IRS still has not been investigated and disciplined for targeting political enemies of the President. Benghazi continues to reveal an administration that knew at the outset it was terrorism, parses words as to who is responsible and by all accounts is obstructing Congress as it tries to investigate.

Within 48 hours The Governor completed an internal investigation into "Bridgegate," made targeted terminations, held a lengthy press conference answering all questions and, gasp, took responsibility. Other than "bad messaging," Obama has never known or been responsible for anything. Ever. And Clinton is no different.

The next election would not be the first I have held my nose as I walked into a booth. If the choice is Christie or Clinton/Obama III, I vote accountability. I can only wish the bar was not so low.

Steve Quick

Arlington Heights

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