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posted: 1/16/2014 4:40 AM

Rauner simply doesn't get it

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Rauner simply doesn't get it

I've been watching and paying attention to the political ads of Republican candidate for governor, Bruce Rauner. This guy is so out of touch with reality that it's actually comical to watch and listen to what this billionaire (venture capitalist) has to say.

He obviously has no idea how government works. A governor is not a king, they must actually work well with others to get things done. He's going to single-handedly end the way politics is played in Illinois. Yeah, good luck with that one, Bruce.

Just like many other rich guys, he favors charter schools over the regular public schools that most students attend in Illinois. Every candidate that has run for governor in the past 75 years has promised to fix the schools in one way or another. None of them have.

Now, Rauner has said that he would like to roll the minimum wage back to the national level of just $7.25 per hour. The biggest problem with our current economy is that the average American has too little money to spend. Wages have been flat in this country for a very long time.

What creates jobs is people spending money. Rich guys like Rauner just don't understand the basic economic formula of demand is what causes businesses to provide more supply. In other words, when people have money to spend, they buy things, which causes businesses to have to hire more people to make more things. It's really very simple supply and demand economics. So, if we really want to help the economy, we would be encouraging businesses to pay more money to their help.

Higher wages will put more people to work. But, guys like Rauner don't get it, and that's why Bruce Rauner should never get to be governor.

Bill Sarto


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