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posted: 1/11/2014 11:20 AM
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Aren't pols guilty of deceptive practices?

It was announced recently in the news that some company selling weight loss products was found to be misleading and deceptive because their weight loss product did not work.

Can someone please explain to me the difference between companies and individuals who deliberately use deceptive and misleading statements to sell products and services that don't work as they said they would and the president and members of the Senate and Congress who deliberately use deceptive and misleading statements to sell laws that do not work as they were said they would.

Please tell me. What is the difference?

Mike Simon

Glen Ellyn

Workers heroic during cold snap

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the men and women who have cleared our streets, delivered our mail, collected our trash, kept our power and water on and served and protected us -- police and fire departments -- over the past several days. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty and need to be recognized and thanked for your efforts and hard work.

These past days of snow, extreme cold temperatures and bone chilling wind chill temperatures have taken a toll on many people. However, you have stepped up to the plate each and every day by going to work and out into the elements to insure your fellow neighbors and community members are safe and sound in their homes.

Therefore, I want to say thank you. I do not know many people who would do what you do but am sure proud of the job each of you have done in our communities. Hats off to you, you are professionals and deserve to be recognized. Thank you.

David J. Scarpino


Hampshire Elementary School

After kids' deaths, be a brother's keeper

Going to sleep last night with the image of anguished faces at the house fire that claimed the lives of three children in Hammond, Ind., was unsettling for hours. How many children must die because they have no utilities in this brutal winter?

Utility companies can pay for zoos, aquariums, ballparks, museums and public gardens, and yet children die from inadequate heat and light. Agencies have funding to help, but they must connect. Neighbors are concerned, but they must intervene. Our government has proved its inability to handle the needs without corruption creeping into the process.

Utilities could give 1 percent of their profits to this specific problem, and not raise our utility bills to do so but rather become their brother's keeper. If you have a good job and the ability to provide for those you love, give some thought and money to help those who also love their family and need help to provide for them. They are next door, down the street and in the city you love to visit.

Go online, find The Salvation Army, Family Services, Catholic Charities, your school, your church -- the list is long. Sit down and write a check or online donation designated to providing heat and light to those in need. Take a minute and ask those you meet, "Are things OK for you? Do you need anything?" Ten dollars placed in a hand can make a difference. Don't be afraid to be your brother's keeper.

Sharon Lundstrom

Barrington Hills

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