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posted: 1/9/2014 4:40 AM

Rebuttal to Brazile's good and bad times

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Rebuttal to Brazile's good and bad times

Donna Brazile must have spent 2013 living under a rock. After reading this syndicated columnist's Tale of Two Cities Jan. 2., I felt compelled to draft a rebuttaI to her observations on the good and bad of 2013.

In sharing her take on the 2013 "dark side" she mentions the 150 year anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and how the Supreme Court "struck down key provisions that safeguarded the right to vote."

Really now, highlighting two significant anniversaries and one Supreme Court decision is all the "bad" she can remember from 2013? Never before have I seen such a stellar example of Selective Memory. Before moving to the brighter side of things, Ms. Brazile mentions that Obama saw his worst of times with a badly botched health care rollout.

Most amusing was her defense of his big time lies to the American people. She says Obama shot himself in the foot with a 98 percent truth -- only 2 percent were actually lied to. Are we now defining lies in percentages? Sounds eerily familiar to President Clinton trying to redefine the meaning of "is."

Regarding the Supreme Court decision, she goes on to say these fraud prevention ID laws deny certain broad classes of voters their right to vote. Note she did not use the word "citizens" being denied their right to vote, as many she claims being denied a right are not even citizens. Additionally, if we use her math that only 2 percent were lied to, what's the big deal if only 2 percent can't vote?

Ms. Brazile completely lost me when she said: "President Obama is the only moderate leader in Washington who speaks for all the people. He remains the most trusted." Time to take off the blinders, Donna.

Robert Carlson


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