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posted: 1/3/2014 5:00 AM

Primary election deserves more news space

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I totally agree with your Dec. 6 editorial on the importance of voters getting involved in the March primary election. A turnout of 25 percent or less is shameful.

I've always believed that primaries were more important than the general election. In every general election so many voters stay away using the excuse that their choice is between bad and worse. The primary is truly the best way to give voters a say.

But with low primary turnouts, the two main parties get to force their candidates down our throats. The parties choose the toadies they want to represent their party, and by their huge financial support, squeeze out other qualified candidates, who can't raise the cash that runs our political system these days.

But the only way to truly effect change is by choosing candidates who are outside of the self-serving party bosses' control. We, the people, need to get involved in the primary process so we can get fresh candidates with fresh ideas who actually want to serve the people and make our lives better.

So I am challenging this newspaper to spend 20 percent of the space you use to report on the ailing knees of Derrick Rose, or the ankle and groin injuries of Jay Cutler, to hype the importance of the primary elections. Instead of endless stories about Miley Cyrus, Jay Z, and Beyoncé, give us information on a daily basis about the candidates for the contested primary elections. Tell us what their plans are to get our state back on sound footing, to improve our lives, educate our kids, and improve the offices that they intend to run.

Start tomorrow, and continue every day until March 18. Maybe the Daily Herald can inspire your readership to get involved.

Ken "Hawkeye" Glassman

Arlington Heights

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