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posted: 12/27/2013 4:40 AM

Is new mantra 'armed at any cost?'

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Is new mantra 'armed at any cost?'

May I ask what solution the NRA and those of like mind have as a solution to the kids who kill? We know that the mantra is "enforce the laws on the books." So what law do we invoke to stop the kids who kill with guns?

Do we put those kids in jail if they survive the assault they commit? Do we put the people who had the guns that the kids used in jail? Who do we hold responsible for the fact that the kids believe that the only way out of their situation is to kill someone?

I really want to know how the "right to bear arms" folks respond to those families that lost their loved ones to someone who wasn't "supposed" to be armed. I grew up with guns in my life. My father was a member of the NRA. But that membership was based on respect for the arms and only used for hunting. Seems the NRA has lost that commitment. Now it seems "armed at any cost."

Someone who is actually a spokesman for the NRA please respond. I know that there are many "right to bear arms" folks are out there, but do they speak for the NRA?

Give me some guidance on why these kids should have access to the guns that they kill with. Who is responsible and what price should they pay for these kids getting access to these weapons?

Mary Gaudio


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