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posted: 12/19/2013 4:40 AM

Take control of block parties

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Take control of block parties

Two months ago, our daughter and a friend were driving in Glen Ellyn to visit another friend, unaware that they were approaching a group of adults who had turned their street into a block party.

Unknown to the partygoers, one of their attendees had taken down, and failed to put back up, one of the street barricades. According to the Glen Ellyn police report, our daughter was suddenly set upon by a crowd of shouting and threatening adults, some of whom were holding containers of beer.

Startled and frightened, our daughter exchanged angry words with the party goers. When she attempted to leave she was stopped by the barricade at the other end of the street. At this point, one of the aggressive party goers reached into the car, removed the keys and threw them down the street. Fortunately for everyone involved, the police arrived.

While no charges were filed against the party goers, we are disappointed in the behavior of the adults who, through some bizarre or alcohol-induced form of logic, found it appropriate and acceptable to threaten two innocent teenage girls.

Several lessons can be salvaged from this unfortunate event. First, teenagers in Glen Ellyn should call 911 whenever they are confronted by angry and possibly intoxicated adults. Second, people who have block parties must take responsibility for ensuring that the street barricades are up at all times, and this includes monitoring the comings and goings of people attending the party. Finally, it was inappropriate to reach into our car to remove the keys and throw them down the street. This is the kind of stupid behavior that can get people hurt, and could have quickly escalated into a more serious, and dangerous, event. The adult who did this should be ashamed of himself.

Chuck and Lynn Phillips

Glen Ellyn

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