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posted: 11/25/2013 9:20 AM
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The dogs just won't eat Obamacare

As I watch the final stages of the Obamacare rollout I am reminded of an old story.

A dog food company rolled out a new brand. After three months, sales were abysmal. The CEO called his executives into the conference room and said "Our R&D people spent months developing this product. We hired a top notch advertising firm and spent millions on TV and print ads. We spent even more money on in store promotions including introductory discount coupons. Now I review the sales reports and find we are no where close to our projections. What in the world is going on?"

The room was silent. Not one executive could answer the CEO's question. In disgust, he adjourned the meeting and retired to his office. As he sat down at his desk his secretary entered the room and asked him if something was wrong. He told her about the poor sales and his failed effort to get an explanation from his executive team.

His secretary, not normally one to offer any form of advice to her boss felt compelled to say "Sir, I think I know why the sales are so bad." Curious, he asked her to give him her opinion. Without hesitation she said "The dogs won't eat it."

I give you Obamacare.

David Carrell

Campton Hills

It's a good time to donate to WDSRA

This is the time of year when everyone is thinking of friends, family, and holiday celebrations. I hope that in the spirit of giving, you will also consider making a charitable contribution this holiday season.

As a member of the WDSRA Foundation Board for many years, I am asking friends, families, and supporters of the Western DuPage Special Recreation Association to keep WDSRA close to their hearts this holiday season. WDSRA provides quality community-based recreational programs and services to so many families right here in our community.

For a person with disabilities, special recreation can provide fundamental benefits that most of us take for granted. At WDSRA, children and adults have a special place where everyone is welcomed and a disability doesn't define them. I have seen lifelong friendships develop and strong community connections formed. Families feel secure in knowing that their loved one is in good hands with staff that understands the challenges they wrestle with on a daily basis.

WDSRA's Annual Appeal Campaign is going on right now. In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, a national movement started last year to remind us that the holidays is the time to think about giving, WDSRA has been presented with a wonderful opportunity. We have been blessed with a generous offer from the Coleman Foundation in that they will match contributions to WDSRA, dollar-for-dollar, made online on Dec. 3 up to the first $20,000.

Will you make a contribution? To be a part of Giving Tuesday, simply make a donation online at on Dec. 3. Donations can also be made anytime through the year.

Thank you for keeping WDSRA in your thoughts during this holiday season.

Elden Brauer


WDSRA Foundation Board, Chairman

Who gave president power to change law?

After reading the article "What Obama's changes mean to health care law," I have a question.

By what authority can a president change a law?

Helen Fioresi

Lake in the Hills

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