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posted: 11/11/2013 5:00 AM

President lied to us about health care

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Normally I am a pretty cool, levelheaded guy when it comes to political issues. Recently that has begun to change. I am angry that President Obama clearly lied to us, the American public, when he said we could keep our health plans if we like them. We now know that this was nothing more than a boldfaced lie. Millions of people with major medical plans are seeing their policies canceled because Obamacare requires these policies to be more comprehensive and vastly more expensive.

Yes, the president of the United States lied to us. Not once but repeatedly. Yes, the president is a liar. The feeble efforts by the White House to now try to spin this into something that they considered, but thought that what the president said was fair at the time so that people would not misunderstand the message, is an insult to the intelligence of us all.

You can say that all politicians lie, but not like this. President Nixon was forced to resign for lies that were not nearly as serious as this. I am angry that the American people are not totally outraged by the president's behavior. He should resign.

I am angry that our legislators have not done more to press the president for the truth about what he knew in 2010. I am angry about the illegal one-year delay of the corporate mandate and the lies we are being told about it. Surely we will find out that many corporations will have to drop their employees' health care plans because Obamacare will mandate plans that are much more comprehensive and expensive. The uproar will likely be huge, but it will be after the 2014 elections.

I am also angry about a ton of other issues, but that can wait.

Roland G. Ley

Arlington Heights

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