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posted: 11/8/2013 5:00 AM

Be like California? Not a good goal.

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Froma Harrop's laugh out loud column on Nov. 3 suggests that the country would be better off if we were more like California where they have Democratic supermajorities in both the House and Senate because then we could all just get along. She goes on to suggest that these Democratic majorities also "keep a moderately tight rein on spending," and of course no liberal column or news story would be complete without a shot at the Tea Party.

Liberals like Harrop are thrilled that the Tea Party has received the majority of the blame for the government shutdown and that the poll numbers show that the Tea Party is very unpopular right now. They seem to see this as evidence that a new liberal age is dawning and thoughts of Democratic supermajorities are dancing through their heads.

But wait a minute. How are things going that great Democratic Nirvana on the West Coast? California leads all other states in debt at $612 billion. California's state tax is in the top five. California's sales tax rate is No. 2 and their gas tax rate is No. 1, and even with all of these taxes California's budget deficit this year is estimated to be another $20 billion. Does that seem like "a moderately tight rein on spending"?

If this is the price for "getting along" in California, then no thank you, Ms. Harrop, I'd rather sign up for the Tea Party!

Scott Schmidt

Arlington Heights

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