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posted: 11/7/2013 5:00 AM

Clinton would win solely on 'rock star status'

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Jim Peterson, in his Oct. 17 letter, states that he supports Hillary Clinton for president for the following reasons:

• "Our country needs a woman president." Gender is a qualification needed to assume the unbelievably difficult job of chief executive of the most powerful nation on earth? I don't think so! Ability to do the job well should be the only reason for her to be president.

• "She can talk to Bill and get his views on policy." Like she admittedly used to talk to the deceased Eleanor Roosevelt?

• "Her service as first lady, New York senator and secretary of state were all exemplary. ... She has a solid resume." Says who? What she accomplished as secretary of state deserves a rating of less than mediocre. Her tenure as first lady was spent keeping an eye on a philandering husband and making excuses for him being so.

• "She supports the Affordable Care Act." Supporting a bill consisting of 2,300 pages of rules and regulations that was voted into law by Democratic congressmen who did not read what they were voting for should frighten rational voters who have seen so many times that anything taken over and run by the government turns to garbage.

Sadly, Hillary will probably be our next president in spite of her obvious ineptness because she is the top dog in rock star status of the Democratic Party. Oh, well. She can't be worse than Obama. Or can she?

Gene Maril

Arlington Heights

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