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posted: 10/20/2013 5:00 AM

Obamacare has too many questions

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What is wrong with Congress and the White House -- are they again children? "I got my candy first so I'm the favorite! Hah, then I just won't play!" Does that seem familiar?

Didn't this whole Obamacare debacle start when Nancy Pelosi mandated to the Congress, "Just OK the bill and you'll get a copy" Like lemmings, there was total agreement though they never even knew the content. It was done!

There are over 1,000 pages in the Obamacare epistle. How could anyone make sense of it, as it covers more than just health care.

President Obama has demanded that all get health care; somehow he forgot to mention that if they don't they will be fined. That fines will start at $95! Would that include all dependents, and how is that fine determined -- maybe for every month not in the program? If anyone could not afford personal health care, how could they even pay this fine?

Obama's hidden agenda shows to me "skulduggery afoot." Pointing his finger and yelling does not impress me at all.

Both parties are unwilling to compromise; what does that prove? How does government dare to take charge of our public health care? I'm sure all bases will be covered in order to increase existing taxes. I hope not! At least, when the carpetbaggers took your money, you soon realized you were scammed!

Chris Duda

Arlington Heights

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