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updated: 10/17/2013 3:42 PM

Mundelein should trap skunks, too

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In response to the article, "Trapper Hired to Thin the Skunk Population in Vernon Hills," by Mick Zawislak, I feel this is a great idea, and should also be done in Mundelein.

Skunks are being trapped, not killed, this article clearly states.

"We're definitely not trying to eradicate skunks," says Mike Allison, so I don't understand why there is such controversy. There are clearly a lot out these days, because they have 10 offspring. These offspring are now running around because their mothers have set them out on their own.

Skunks may have rabies and also carry diseases and parasites, including leptospirosis.

Local governments have a right to get involved with this issue, and I feel are taking the right course of action considering this has such a negative effect on the public.

However, skunk overpopulation is not just an issue that Vernon Hills is experiencing, Mundelein is also experiencing this issue.

Skunks should be trapped and relocated. However, they should not be harmed in the process.

My question about this process is where are the skunks going to go and how is that going to affect the population with the newly acquired inhabitants? I do think skunk overpopulation is an issue, but I think action at this point is kind of unnecessary considering winter is just around the corner, and skunks go into a state of torpor.

I think that they should wait until after the winter and reexamine this issue, if people are still complaining about skunks, then the town should trap them.

Katie Finerty


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