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posted: 10/12/2013 2:00 AM

Popular trends in home design of the year

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By Rosemary Sadez Friedmann
Scripps Howard News Service

Well, this year we have seen some interesting trends in interior design. Let's review some of them to see where our homes stand in comparison.

Still important is personalization. Following the masses is not always the way to go, so if your home doesn't fit in any of the following trend categories, you are probably following your own drummer and that drummer probably has a special, personal beat.

A relaxed look throughout the house is popular. Every room in the house should be a space that you can actually live in, which means no ultra-formal rooms with a "don't touch" atmosphere. OK, so the relaxed look works nicely, particularly with a family. But let's get down to some specifics.

Gilded glass is a finish where glass is gilded with gold or metal leaf on the back. Even though simplicity is popular, a little bit of glamour is always welcome. This gilded glass is like jewelry for a room. Perhaps the living room or dining room would be a good place for this jewelry-type of art. Remember from past articles that brass, gold and silver have been topping the popularity list this year. Well, gilded glass is right in line with that.

We've talked about brass this year and that is because brass -- including antique brass -- has had a comeback in hardware such as faucets and knobs.

Wood flooring is always popular, and with good reason. It gives a rich and inviting feeling to any home. The bleached floor -- that is, lighter wood -- has made its mark this year. That same bleached-wood look has been popular as a treatment for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. My goodness, I have long had bleached-wood cabinets in my kitchen. I guess what goes around comes around.

What about color? I always write about color. Well, blue has been strong this year in all aspects of interior design, from wall colors to upholstery to accessories. Navy and royal blue have been making quite an appearance this year. But blue isn't the only popular color. Emerald green, named color of the year by Pantone, has also been a hit in interior design.

Last year's pattern was all about flowers; this year has been all about stripes and geometrics. I wonder what next year will bring? The geometrics this year have included angles and diagonals, and this trend has been seen in fabric designs as well as wallpaper designs. I've even seen geometrics papered onto ceilings. That can get dizzying in some cases, but to each his own, right?

Scripps Howard News Service

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