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posted: 10/9/2013 5:00 AM

It's Democrats who won't compromise

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As of midnight Oct. 1, the federal government shut down, and within hours Democrats and the liberal media started blaming it strictly on the Republicans' unwillingness to go along and agree with Obama's signature bill -- Obamacare, a. k. a the Affordable Care Act -- regardless that only the most dedicated Obama Kool-Aid drinkers, low information voters, and media like this monstrosity.

Thus, I have a few questions for the Obama supporters out there:

If this bill was so great, why did Mary Landrieu and other Democrats require sweet deals to get this passed? If this bill was so great, why has Obama given out 1,200 waivers? If this bill was so great, why has Obama delayed key portions of his bill 17 times -- until after the midterm elections? If this bill was so great, why are major employers like UPS dumping their family health insurance plans, leaving thousands of kids and stay-at-home moms without health insurance? If this bill was so great, why were nearly all the jobs added to the economy last month part-time? This bill, not the shutdown, as the Democrats and media are claiming, will do irreparable damage to our economy. Ultimately, the guy actually responsible for shutting down the government is Harry Reid. The Republicans' bill funds the entire government and Obamacare, but delays the implementation one year.

Harry Reid should take this gift, and use the opportunity to fix the bill to make it actually fair and workable.

I guess the only "compromise" possible these days is the Republicans doing what Harry Reid and Obama want.

Joe Tagliavia

Beach Park

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