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posted: 9/20/2013 4:40 AM

A rare victory over the war hawks

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A rare victory over the war hawks

Sept. 10 was a rare victory for the people over the warmongers in government and the media in their hell bent rush to criminal war in Syria.

First the British Parliament, bowing to British public pressure, opted out of their usual lap dog following of America into senseless war.

Faced with a firestorm of public criticism at home, the president put the matter before Congress, fully expecting support by both houses. The firestorm turned into a national conflagration against war as first the House, then the Senate, pushed back. Painted into a corner of his own making, the president grasped the face saving diplomatic way out brokered by Russia. Hopefully, that development will hold and American cruise missiles will kill no innocents.

Two things are clear. The people of Britain and America are most responsible for preventing new violence by noncombatants. That is monumental and must be continued. Secondly, and possibly even more important, the people have set the precedent that the president must put pre-emptive war plans before Congress. While he can still ignore that new requirement, he does so at his political peril.

Walt Zlotow

Glen Ellyn

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