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posted: 9/9/2013 5:00 AM

Obama putting world peace at risk

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It is as frustrating to hear the ironclad confidence of those 100 percent sure we should attack Syria as it is to hear the same certainty we shouldn't attack. There are no good choices, just the least bad choice. President Assad is horrible, but al-Qaida and other terrorists that make up a large part of the rebel force against Assad are horrible as well. Yet we do want to punish the inhuman use of poison gas on civilians.

What would make this tricky decision easier is if we had confidence in our president and if he had a track record of success. Unfortunately, the reverse is true. President Obama's global strategy has been an unmitigated disaster. The Arab Spring has turned into the Arab Winter. Egypt has gone from a 30-year ally of the U.S. and Israel to a nation in total chaos which has been the source of attacks on Israel for the first time in 30 years. The Russian "reset" is a joke as Putin laughs at Obama regarding Snowden and Syria. And Benghazi was a fatal disaster featuring gross negligence, cowardice and fraud.

Now Obama wants us to trust him to place "a shot across the bow" of Syria which could trigger an attack by Iran, Syria, and/or Russia on Israel or other American allies for no clear benefit to anybody. Unlike when President Bush got 50 countries and Congress to support his attack on Iraq after Saddam Hussein murdered 5,000 Kurds with poison gas, Obama has not gotten one country to commit to support our action in Syria as even our staunch ally Britain pulls back support. Unfortunately,

Obama's incompetence is putting world peace and the innocent people of Syria at risk with the total failure of his naive global policies.

Randy Rossi


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