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updated: 9/9/2013 11:24 AM

Congress should assert its authority

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In just a few days, our president may authorize an attack on Syria. Unfortunately, this would be his second violation of Article I, Section 8, of the United States Constitution, which grants the power to declare war to the United States Congress and not the president of the United States. Our president defends his last violation of this constitutional provision that occurred in Libya by stating there were no foot soldiers involved. With all due respect and based on his logic, if the United States launches a nuclear bomb on some foreign country, that would not be considered a declaration of war by our president.

It is very disgraceful that Congress does not stand up and demand that the president not authorize an attack on Syria unless it is authorized by Congress.

Finally, involving the United States and Western civilization to become embroiled in civil wars of Islamic countries does us no good. We cannot determine which side would be an ally once the civil war concluded.

Steven R. Heuberger


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