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posted: 9/6/2013 4:45 AM

Obama's time off pales next to Bush

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Obama's time off pales next to Bush

A man much wiser than I once said about American politics, "United we stand divided we fall." I'm 65 years old and during that time I have never seen Americans so polarized about politics. Any type of compromise is viewed as a win loss situation.

A letter recently appeared where the writer complained about President Obama campaigning and taking vacations. I did a little research and could not find one letter to the editor from this same letter writer complaining about the campaigning and vacations that the previous resident of the White House had taken.

For the letter writer's edification. The previous resident of the White House set the all time record for the most number of vacation days taken and the most number of vacation trips taken.

President Obama has taken 83 vacation days since he was sworn in as President. At his current rate, President Obama would take 168 vacation days through the end of his Presidency. The previous resident of the White House took over 1,000 vacation days during his eight years in office. President Obama could just about take off the rest of his term in office and not beat the previous resident's total.

If you want to disagree about President Obama's policies, that's fine. President Obama's vacation days? People who live in glass houses ...

Walter E. O'Brien


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