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posted: 9/2/2013 5:00 AM

Overpass could be built more cheaply

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I, like you, have noticed a large hump in the new Milwaukee Road north of the Peterson Road junction. It is only on one side, the west side, at this time, but it is evident the east will be similarly equipped.

The problem is the purpose versus the cost to the people who pay, i.e. the taxpayers.

The overpass is to accommodate extension of the Casey Trail to Independence Grove. I like to walk and ride a bike, but know that we could have made this work for far less money.

The four-lane overpass must have been on the order of nearly a half-million dollars if not double that. An alternate would be to build a metal structure appropriate to handle foot and bicycle traffic overhead.

That could have been built for far less than 20 percent of the cost of what is being done. Why didn't they think of it? Because they don't care; they are spending someone else's money with no accountability.

It is not done that way in business nor in the private world. The state is bankrupt. Why do we put up with the continuing ineptitude?

Mark Scales


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