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This is an ape's hand at the Lincoln Park Zoo this summer. The hand looks amazingly similar to a human hand.

Frank Vitucci of Arlington Heights

A small lake inside Rocky Mountain National Park earlier this month.

John Loebel of Hoffman Estates

The is a Heron that spends it days at Turner Pond in Roselle. I was lucky enough to have camera in hand as a local gentleman who was fishing threw the bird a snack. The picture was taken with Canon 60D.

Brendan Durkin of Roselle

Zeke Honegger stands on a cliff looking down on the mountains in Iceland in June.

Esther Honegger of Lake Zurich

This is a Hawk Nosed Moth. The first time I saw one was in France. This summer as I was pulling into my garage I spied him flitting around the hanging flower planter between the two garage doors. They fly just like a hummingbird!

Vivian Prapuolenis of Wheaton

Late summer flowers provide a rainbow of colors at Cantigny Gardens in Wheaton as we turn the calendar to September.

Mike Weimer of St. Charles

As I was on my way home from work one morning, I saw this spectacular sunrise over Crystal Lake. To my dismay, I realized I didn't have my camera with me. Not to be dissuaded, I snapped a few shots with my phone, and this was the result.

Marc Moxon of Woodstock

Red is a an abstract view of a fuel tank and the cap of the container, taken around Calgary, Alberta.

Larry Pearlman of Naperville

An eastern view from the Snowy Range of the Medicine Bow Mountains. Near the 10,000 foot in elevation, this view was a stark contrast to our previous stop in Laramie Wyoming. It was overcast with howling winds that made standing up a chore. Combined with the cold chill and low cloud ceiling, it was uncomfortable yet well worth the trip.

Tony Pocewicz of Carpentersville

Toby tries to scratch an itch on his back leg but he has a grazing muzzle that prevents him from eating too much grass, making it a challenge, at a farm in Bristol, WI. on August 12th.

Marty Krogh of Ingleside

A black bird enjoys the view on the beach in Longboat Key, FL last month.

Cameron Lopez of Hawthorn Woods

A busy bumble bee buzzing through the blossoms collecting pollen on a hot summer day in Mount Prospect.

Jean Andersen of Mount Prospect

Gallery posted: 8/30/2013 12:44 AM

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