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posted: 8/13/2013 4:40 AM

A case for congressional term limits

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There is no question that our federal government is virtually ineffective in critical ways as a governing body. Everyone, be aware that our federal debt is now $17 trillion, which many taxpayers don't know how to write, let alone comprehend the cost to themselves and their children for many years to come. There is only one way to correct this: Congress has to spend less money, for many years, than the government has coming in.

Congress needs find the guts to enact an effective term limits bill. Senators should only be allowed to serve two terms of six years each, and representatives should be allowed to serve only three terms of two years each. There is nothing stopping congressional wannabes from making a career out of being a senator or representative along with a guaranteed paycheck, medical, retirement and other benefits no private sector worker has (unless they're an executive) and for which we are significantly taxed.

Furthermore, many are totally influenced by powerful, moneyed lobbies to whom they cater, rather than the beleaguered taxpayer who elected them. The cost to us for career politicians is incalculable not only in real dollars but also in ineffective or no legislation. People are suffering, and many in Congress don't even care. They don't want to risk being re-elected rather than taking a stand on serious problems without regard to "party."

Make no mistake; term limits will fairly effectively eliminate those who want a career at taxpayers' expense and attract many who truly want to serve, and improve this country in the tradition of its history. Many have died for this country; Senators and Representatives, how many of you are willing to fall on your sword for this country and those you're supposed to serve?

Chuck Barr

St. Charles

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