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posted: 7/22/2013 5:00 AM

Don't trust declarations on salt, global warming

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For years our federal, state and local governments have been hysterically conducting an intense war on salt warning us of dire consequences if we happen to enjoy a little salt on our fries. Schools have been forced to reduce salt and New York Mayor Bloomberg is the poster child for "salt hysteria," pushing for 25 percent reductions in salt content in all foods while he tries to kill 32 ounce glasses of soft drinks.

But today the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has just made a big "oops" declaration regarding the war on salt in which they basically said "never mind." In fact the CDC not only said that salt used in normal amounts (prior to the hysteria) has no negative effect on health, a little more salt may actually be helpful to overall health.

This is just one more reminder of why we must take everything our massive bureaucratic government says with a "dose of salt"! I am looking forward to the man-made global warming "oops" declaration, given that we have had at least six major "Ice Ages" and multiple global warming periods when the polar ice caps melted completely before modern mankind with SUVs and power plants even existed. Remember the movies "Jurassic Park" and "Ice Age"? Huge swings between hot and cold climates before the first Hummer was sold.

Can we please take a lesson from this admitted government war on salt debacle before we ruin our economy over the hysterical man-made global warming debacle?

Randy Rossi


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