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Article posted: 7/19/2013 5:00 AM

Abortion as birth control is immoral

I was so glad to read in today's (July 12) paper that Illinois has finally decided to enforce the 1995 parent notification law regarding teen abortions. Why do some people believe it's all right, when parents are responsible for their daughters until they are 18, for a girl under 18 to have an abortion without parental guidance and consent?

We are rapidly becoming an immoral society here in America, and that just encourages immoral thinking. You don't have to be religious to have morals and, in my opinion, using abortion as a form of birth control is immoral. Since when is a fetus not human, especially now that abortions are done in the second trimester. And for all of you who think otherwise, all I can say is that it's too bad your mothers didn't believe in abortion. So, how does it feel to have your life disregarded like that?

I am not opposed to abortions when the mother's life is threatened, in cases of rape or incest (which is nothing more than sick rape). There are so many forms of birth control out there, so why aren't men and women using them if they don't want a pregnancy? Are they just selfish and immature? Then perhaps they should wait until they're grown-ups to have sex so they are ready to handle all that having sex entails. All animals have sex, but intelligent humans realize it is more than just an animal instinct that we are born with and are ready to handle all the obligations that go with it.

Janet Lumm


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