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posted: 7/11/2013 5:00 AM

Think critically on global warming

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I find it rather amusing that Mr. Troland (June 6) attacks my statistics so vehemently and then goes on to confirm exactly what I said, viz., that the temperature increase over the last century has been about .5 degrees every 30 to 35 years. In science, Mr. Troland, that is what is very often referred to as a variable i.e., a small change that isn't static. I'm certain you will remember being taught that 98.6 degrees was a normal temperature for a human being. But in medical variables for an individual you will find that "normal" can vary between 97.0 and 99.0, so a person doesn't have a static temperature. Much like the earth's temperature is that small amount over 100 years a normal variant or not?

It would be foolish to declare there is no such thing a global warming, but I think the scientific consensus is that the evidence today is rather specious. You mention that most scientists believe in global warming, but that isn't true. If you look at the ones who are adamant perhaps you should also look at their funding. As an adult you must be able to separate the exaggerations on both sides.

Bob Lowth

Arlington Heights

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