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updated: 7/1/2013 11:28 AM

Captain Keith Pekau to meet with Senators Kirk and Durbin on Energy Policy

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Scott McPherson


Former Air Force Captain Keith Pekau will advocate for stronger national security through smarter energy security policies

ORLAND PARK, ILLINOIS -- Former Air Force Captain Keith Pekau will travel from Orland Park, Illinois to Washington, DC for meetings with Senators Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk on July 9-11 to discuss energy security.

Pekau is part of a larger group known as Vets4Energy, an organization bound by veterans across the country from a variety of different ranks and branches who served in every U.S. war and engagement since Vietnam.

Vets4Energy strongly believe that a safer America can only be obtained through sound energy security policies. Veterans from 26 different states, including Pekau, will meet with their respective Senators in order to emphasize the urgency of implementing energy policies that will reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil and strength the economy.

"I am looking forward to discussing the importance of building the Keystone XL pipeline," Pekau said. "The government has been dragging its feet for years on an energy solution that will significantly reduce our dependency on oil from the Persian Gulf and provide an enormous boost to the economy."

The Keystone XL pipeline is a critical infrastructure project that would increase national security by building national strength and energy independence. It would create jobs, boost the economy and increase force readiness and effectiveness. Although it has strong bipartisan support in Congress and from Americans across the country, the final permit approval process has been pending in Washington, DC for more than four years.

Pekau and other Vets4Energy will also address the series of mandates in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 known as the Renewable Fuel Standard. Vets4Energy adamantly oppose the RFS as it will eventually result in the production of fuels that may cause engine damage to military vehicles and hurt the U.S. GDP, lower take-home pay and increase the cost for fuel production.

"I believe in protecting the environment but these outdated and unrealistic mandates are only making matters worse for both the environment and the economy and most importantly putting service members in battle at even greater risk," Pekau said.

Vets4Energy are visiting Washington on behalf of America's Energy Forum, a non-partisan coalition of citizens committed to achieving energy security for the United States and holding elected officials more accountable in shaping energy policies.

AEF members are united in their resolve to demand action from their lawmakers on the myriad of legislative issues threatening energy security.

About Former Air Force Captain Keith Pekau

Pekau was an Air Force Instructor Weapons System Officer in an F-15E, logging over 1,500 hours and over 150 combat hours during three tours to Southwest Asia.

He graduated from Arizona State University and received a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering and a Master of Business Administration from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University in 1997, graduating as a Fuqua Scholar.

He worked with L.E.K Consulting and Marakon Associates before becoming founding partner of Fahrenheit Consulting Group, LLC where he specializes in helping businesses assess their market positioning and develop growth strategies to improve shareholder value.