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posted: 6/30/2013 8:00 AM

Subscribers: Be sure to activate your e-edition

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To our Readers,

In April, we introduced a vastly improved version of our Daily Herald replica edition, and we're pleased that it's received strong praise from subscribers like you.

The feedback has been generous and positive. Readers say they enjoy how well it mimics the print newspaper experience, how easy it is to use even for people who don't normally feel comfortable with computers, how the replica edition lets them share the paper with everybody else in the house, and how they now can take their Daily Herald subscription with them when they travel.

Like anybody else would be, we're flattered, of course. But we're also happy to hear all of that because those had been our aims when we introduced the replica edition.

If you haven't registered for access to it yet, it's important that you do so now. Our promotional period ends Monday, and after that it will be available only to 7-day subscribers.

If you're a 7-day subscriber, activating your e-edition is simple. Go to It'll ask for your name and address so we can confirm that you're a subscriber. It will ask for your email address and for you to create a user name and a secret password. That's it. Nothing else. It won't ask for a credit-card number. There won't be any tricks. Just store your user name and password in a safe place in case you ever need them. And you're done. A couple of minutes at the most.

If you're not a 7-day subscriber but would like to use the e-edition, go to for details.

I'm like most of you. I love the feel of a printed newspaper. It's part of my day. Our transportable replica edition may not be exactly that, but it's the next best thing to it. (And in some ways better because, for example, you can increase the size of the type or do a search for a particular story or call up previous editions.)

If you've been using it, I hope you've already activated your account. But if you haven't, please do so today at to see what a great subscriber benefit it is.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

John Lampinen


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