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updated: 6/26/2013 11:43 AM

Naperville shouldn't throw money to private developers

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Brian Costin

Naperville's 'incentives' bad idea

In her June 19 article, reporter Marie Wilson uncovered that the city of Naperville is proposing $7.5 million in "incentives" to help Lakehany Group Investments LLC develop Freedom Plaza. To say the least, it is disturbing to know that Naperville is throwing this kind of money at private developers. By bestowing special tax privileges upon one politically clouted business, Naperville is effectively raising taxes on all residents and businesses not affiliated with this particular company.

This type of unequal and divisive treatment by the city of Naperville is morally and economically wrong. Government shouldn't be picking winners and losers in the economy. Instead of redistributing wealth through tax-code cronyism, the city of Naperville should promote economic activity by cutting government spending and lowering tax rates for everyone equally. As for the name, instead of calling it Freedom Plaza, perhaps the city should call it Cronyism Plaza. At least then it would provide truth in advertising.

Brian Costin

Director of Government Reform

Illinois Policy Institute


Fast storm cleanup in St. Charles

Severe weather alert during the 5 p.m. news and only 45 minutes later high winds rip large branches off trees on our parkway and across the street. One large limb is resting on electric and Comcast wires.

A call to the City of St. Charles and crews are here within 30 minutes to secure the area and then take down and clean up the debris. By 9 p.m. you would not know that we had such a severe storm. Kudos to the city workers for their fast response and job well done.

Mike and Nancy Hill

St. Charles

Ask yourself: What would Nixon do?

I don't think that the government is going to be interested in my random Internet surfing or Facebook posts. If it's between that and preventing a terror attack, go ahead and read my email.

The fact is presidential administrations are not really interested in tracking individual petty larceny. Well, except if the individual in question is a political rival or otherwise enemy. And I suppose an administration might be interested in reading the emails and documents of the opposing party, especially during an election year.

Of course, the NSA's spy machine has been turned on for 12 years and there has not been a single case of abuse (that we know of). Twelve years, that's a whopping one and a half administrations.

The real danger of allowing this spy machine to exist is that those in power will use it to remain in power. Ask yourself, what would Nixon do?

Dan Soukup


Griffin AP award well-deserved

Three cheers for Jake Griffin, Taxpayer Watchdog.

It's about time you received Associated Press award for all those detailed articles on how our money is wasted. You deserve our thanks.

Who knows what you might uncover next? Keep those discoveries coming.

Thank You.

Charles Elwert


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