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updated: 6/18/2013 10:56 AM

It was wrong to lie about Benghazi

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Lie: to make a statement that one knows is false, especially with the intent to deceive. There are no gradations to a lie. A statement is either true or false. A partial truth is a lie, a half truth is a lie, not providing all significant information is a lie and it is wrong to lie.

That is what I was taught as a child and what I hope children are taught today. But I'm not so much of an idealist to not realize that all politicians lie. With so many divergent opinions on the topics of the day, if they told us exactly what they believed, no one could get elected for office. So unfortunately, they all lie.

But I do have a few questions. How could you, Mr. President and Madam Secretary, hug and look the parents, wives, and children of the fallen four of Benghazi in the eye and lie? Are you that callous and unmerciful? Were you that much in need of another photo-op to tug at our heart strings? Were you that afraid to call it a terrorist attack because it would hurt your chances of re-election?

You called it an act of terror, but an act of terror is not the same as a terrorist attack. Murder is an act of terror. Rape is an act of terror. But neither is a terrorist attack.

Do you not teach Sasha and Malia to tell the truth? Was Chelsea not taught that it is wrong to lie? But then again, I guess in your world, it all depends on what the definition of 'Is' is, isn't it? I am so terribly disappointed in both of you, and that hasn't occurred since the days of Richard Nixon.

John Schadl

Arlington Heights

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