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updated: 6/18/2013 10:57 AM

Some changes we should make

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Read a letter today (June 7) saying how Mr. Sears was afraid of the Republicans taking away his right to vote. Why do you oppose laws requiring people having to show a picture ID to vote? After all, you need an ID to obtain a library card.

As for Congress supposedly obstructing the president, this is called checks and balances. Remember these representatives have to answer to their constituents in their districts; if they get re-elected they are carrying out their constituents' wishes.

As for the privatization of Social Security -- why not? This is a flawed, broken system scheduled for insolvency by 2033. The Chilean government privatized its program years ago with great success; plus, it allows for real death benefits if the person does not live until retirement age. Our government employees enjoy a private pension plan -- why not the people they serve?

As for the Affordable Care Act, the people responsible for this are trying to get themselves exempt. Our government gave over $1 billion to Egypt but cannot afford to keep the White House tours open. Maybe this is why some people are not happy with our president.

Carl Lashley

Arlington Heights

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