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Article posted: 6/13/2013 5:00 AM

Taxpayers paid for that Volt

I'm happy the letter writer likes his Chevy Volt and feels he is supporting American workers, and polluting less, but his June 5 letter misses the point. The state and federal government forced the taxpayers to pay for over 25 percent of his car, and we taxpayers don't like that. Every taxpayer in the country, and double on Illinois taxpayers in this case, owns a piece of that car, and he can be as proud and pleased as he wants, but he owes the taxpayers a big one for the $11,500 the government picked out of their pockets to pay for a car they will never be able to use.

I agree, the owner came out smelling like a rose, and so did all the incompetents at GM. As usual the taxpayer didn't get kissed first or thanked afterward, we just got the privilege of paying GM's and his bill in the name of the environment. He should make sure he thanks your neighbors for their contribution to his welfare. I'm sure they'll tell him they really liked paying for a car they can only look at and not use.

Largesse from the government does not materialize from nowhere. Every dime comes out of your pocket or mine. There is no free ride (or tax break).

Robert C. Williams

Rolling Meadows

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