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posted: 6/11/2013 4:40 AM

Batavia board neglected its job

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Batavia board neglected its job

Dear members of the Batavia School Board, apparently, only Jon Gaspar understands his role on the school board. I am completely disappointed with the rest of you, and you failed your constituents. You are there to listen to the voters and do what's best for the students. You are not there to rubber stamp the administration's decisions and make a mockery out of the Democratic process.

I am writing in regards to the disciplinary hearing last week for Mr. Dryden. The school administration may have had good intentions with giving the students those surveys, but they made critical errors. Mr. Dryden protected his students' constitutional rights when he pointed out those errors. He should not be punished for acting in the best interests of the students. The administration further harmed their relationship with the students for punishing someone who has always been an advocate and a mentor.

At the disciplinary hearing, there was an outpouring of support from parents, students and voters. Mr. Gaspar was the only one who chose to listen to these people instead of sticking to a predetermined decision. The rest of the school board ignored their civil duty when they disregarded the voices of the people. That will not stand. It is time to clean up your act and actually represent your constituents.

Some of you have terms that expire in 2015. If you do not start doing your job, then we will find candidates that will.

Carrie Ramsden


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