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posted: 5/23/2013 4:40 AM

Press no longer has Obama's back

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Press no longer has Obama's back

America is going through a cultural change for the better within our broadcast media. ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN are interrupting their biased blather with attempts at objective journalism. Past liberal media advocacy for Obama is on the wane.

Given the trilogy of botches by the White House involving Benghazi, biased IRS intrusion and tampering with the AP, journalists no longer have Obama's back. The romance is over. Press conference reporters know they're being stonewalled by Obama's stoolie, Jay Carney. The president continues to come up with well-crafted nonanswers even without a teleprompter.

Look for a long hot Watergate-type summer of concurrent triple scandals researched by private investigators and Congressional subcommittees. When the rhetoric stops and the dust settles, it will become clear that all three issues originated in the Oval Office. That is, the Benghazi murders of four Americans were less important than Obama's political campaign; that the partisan climate created by our Campaigner-in-Chief created political space for IRS officials to embark upon their anti-constitutional hardball with nonprofit organizations and that Obama was asleep at the wheel when the First Amendment was invaded by KGB-like tactics regarding the AP.

Lots of wrong is occurring; nobody seems to have been there. Nobody seems to know anything. At least the rightful tension between government and press in the America that I remember may be returning.

Paul Bischoff


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