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posted: 5/23/2013 4:40 AM

IRS won't look kindly on this 'terrorist'

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IRS won't look kindly on this 'terrorist'

Despite the president's feigned outrage over IRS' targeting, he must have secretly cheered, since the targets were his fierce political opponents. We have learned of more and more groups that were harassed by this feared government agency.

These organizations included in their names words like "patriot, evangelical Christian, conservative and constitution." James Dobson's organization was singled out as was a conservative Hispanic group, and of course, pro-life organizations.

Obama has made it clear that he considers pro-lifers, capitalists, conservatives, evangelical Christians, those who affirm the Second Amendment and patriots the real threat to this nation. Islamic terrorists and Marxists did not make his list.

How frightening that the IRS has been chosen for the administration of Obamacare.

I am a conservative, pro-life evangelical. I strongly oppose Marxist ideology and love free enterprise; I endorse not only the Second Amendment but the whole Constitution and consider myself a patriot, at least I used to.

I am deeply concerned about Obamacare itself, but now especially the role of the IRS in the implementation of this medical fiasco. I don't think this agency will look kindly on a "terrorist" like me.

Terry Schwartz


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