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posted: 5/23/2013 5:00 AM

Tickets are hardship for regular folks

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Recently, I have been thinking about citations and their correlation to generating revenue.

Are some tickets issued for the purpose of bringing money to the village? Is this a reasonable means for revenue?

Ordinances and laws must be abided by because they benefit society as a whole. But what feels wrong to me, is knowing that hardworking productive members of society (who are also raising their children to contribute positively to the future) are being punished this way, especially when road, weather, and traffic conditions indicate no threat to public safety.

Money is being taken from people who are not spending frivolously on themselves and their kids. That money is being saved for college and the future.

There are many people (working for cash or capable of working) who are draining government resources. There are people who just stop paying their mortgage so that they can continue to spoil themselves and their children.

And then there are people who live within their means, raise their children to be productive members of society, and place no burden on hardworking taxpayers. It would be nice for them to catch the break they deserve.

Jennifer West


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