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posted: 5/22/2013 4:40 AM

State hardly working for its citizens

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State hardly working for its citizens

The economy is bad everywhere, but few places are as affected as much as the "great" state of Illinois. The unemployment rate is inordinately high, the gas prices are among the highest in the nation, new taxes are being imposed at every turn and corruption and greed have affected just about every governing body.

Great place to live?

Now comes the new property tax bills -- and guess what -- no surprise -- they've gone up tremendously, right along with the pensions, perks and benefits of our governing officials. Guess that's the solution: more taxes on the people who can least afford it to ensure our lawmakers won't have to feel the pinch.

Being seniors on a fixed income (Social Security) a raise in property taxes of $1,200 seems like an insurmountable burden. Does this make any sense when the value of property has plummeted? Where do they think the money to pay this increase will come from, when there is no increase in Social Security, and health insurance costs have risen?

Does this make any difference to those who are imposing these taxes? They don't care one bit because this may simply force seniors to lose their homes -- adding to the already skyrocketing number of foreclosures in this state. Sounds like a plan to me: Give the old folks just one more option to choose between food and medicine -- choose between food, medicine or shelter. Way to go, Illinois! Our government is really working for its citizens.

Jean Evinger


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