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posted: 5/22/2013 4:40 AM

Need to get our priorities straight

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Need to get our priorities straight

Talk about Nero "fiddling while Rome burns".

Benghazi: Congress and the media are all upset about the talking points used by Susan Rice following the Benghazi attack on our embassy instead of the attack itself. Shouldn't the focus be on intelligence shortfalls and response improvements instead of 'who said what' in the hours after the event?

IRS: Sure, inappropriate targeting of specific groups is wrong and potentially dangerous, but Speaker Boehner's question about 'who will go to jail?' rings hollow in light of the fact that no major player was prosecuted after the subprime mortgage meltdown caused a financial crisis that put millions out of work.

Somehow, it always devolves to politics; the "outrage" about Benghazi talking points is a thinly veiled effort to damage Clinton before 2016. The furor over a couple of rogue IRS employees being elevated to the congressional and presidential level is a combination of grandstanding and political gamesmanship by both sides.

Why not address these issues seriously and then move on to key issues that have more importance to our long-term futures? Jobs. Health care. Debt. War on Terror. Freedom of the press vs security needs.

Prioritization is sorely lacking.

Steve Smith


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