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posted: 5/22/2013 5:00 AM

Medical system itself is barbaric

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The tragedy of Kermit Gosnell and the Philadelphia abortion clinic is not a lone occurrence in the medical profession. The entire medical community is complicit in this travesty as the physician's "sacred" oath perpetuates this kind of practice, exposing patients to harm both physical and psychological.

The Hippocratic oath in one sentence states a moral code for those who practice medicine (physicians are, after all, moral -- just ask them) and in the next swear to secrecy any wrong doing or questionable behavior by any member of their group.

Getting a signed affidavit from a physician questioning another's decisions or behavior is next to impossible. Physician peer reviews, like any peer review in any profession, are worthless and amount to a slap on the wrist.

Victims of physicians' poor behavior and judgment are excluded from any decisions and are supposed to trust the credibility of the very ones perpetrating the abuse. Physicians have established themselves as supreme authority figures that can do whatever they want whether medically necessary or not.

I have seen and experienced treatment in hospital and by physicians that if performed outside a medical facility would be repugnant and result with criminal charges. That they occur within the confines of a hospital or doctor's office makes them no less repugnant.

Physicians claim a sanctity of patient/doctor relationship where none exists except in their arrogant minds. Were it not for this antiquated oath, the lives destroyed by Gosnell may not have occurred, women would have been spared the sexual assaults of Ricardo Arza, Medicaid and Medicare fraud may be reduced, lives would be saved.

It's amazing that with all the wonders of modern medicine and all that is to come, that its delivery system is stuck in the barbarianism of the Middle Ages.

James R. Kasprzyk


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