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posted: 5/21/2013 4:40 AM

Not far off: Federal review of articles

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Not far off: Federal review of articles

The editorial: "Assaults on core values of freedom cry out for response" on May 15 was a bit sophomoric. The president used the IRS to target conservative political groups and the Justice Department to secretly acquire Associated Press telephone records.

These actions are a clear violation of the First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution. These actions are commensurate with the president's gun control agenda against the Second Amendment. The goal of these actions is to gain absolute power -- tyranny.

The editors hope that "the Illinois congressional delegation -- led by Democrat and senior Sen. Dick Durbin, the nation's second-ranking senator who fashions himself a protector of civil rights -- agree that the actions of the IRS and the Justice Department cannot be tolerated."

The First, Second and Fourth Amendments are personal rights against tyranny not civil rights. Senator Durbin says he supports the Second Amendment and Americans are entitled to own and use guns. In the same breath, he says there must be common-sense limits, such as bans on certain magazines, assault weapons, mental issues, number of guns, protective locks, background checks, annual training and such. The effect of Senator Durbin's common-sense limits is to make an individual's right under the Second Amendment a non-right.

The editors need to recognize and prepare themselves for the day, coming soon, when the current president issues executive orders regarding "common-sense" limits on the freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Such "common-sense" limits will be to conform editorial comments on various subjects to talking points issued by the federal government, Federal government review of all articles before publication, all staff writers will need federal government approval, training and certification and any violations to be a felony. Speak out today, don't rely on the Illinois delegation.

Howard Snyder


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