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posted: 5/19/2013 4:14 AM

Institution you save might be your own

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Institution you save might be your own

This letter is to the media collective. The Daily Herald reported a Washington Post article about the government seizing Associated Press journalists' phone and other information in what was described as an unprecedented and broad way. I wanted to laugh except for the seriousness of this event.

Why? The liberal media collective has for years belittled the Christian Church, demonized the NRA and its members, and touted the antiquation of the traditional nuclear family. Each of these spheres of American culture, or institutions has seen their civil liberties progressively eroded by the government with the liberal media's assistance and approval. Now that it's the media's turn, they are outraged?

The three branches of government are supposed to keep each other in check, but the Bill of Rights is also a check.

1st Amendment -- The right to free speech, the press, to assemble, to religion, and to petition the government over grievances allows the people to keep an eye on the government and to check any attempts at thought control. 2nd Amendment -- To keep and bear arms, gives the people teeth with which to resist government force. 4th Amendment -- Freedom from search and seizure grants reasonable privacy as well as permitting property ownership.

Each of these rights supports one another. I've named institutions that have already been eroded; the media was sure to follow. While the liberal media has been busy taking chunks out of the traditional family, the church, and the NRA's butts, these same institutions have been busy guarding yours.

The IRS has targeted Tea Partyers, Obamacare is targeting religious-based organizations, Obama's gun control efforts target the NRA and its members, government support of gay marriage targets the traditional family. Wake up media, the institution you save might be your own.

Brian Van Dine

Carol Stream

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