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Article posted: 5/15/2013 4:40 AM

Lower middle class under thumb of GOP

Lower middle class under thumb of GOP

We started hating the GOP when we realized that Reaganomics equaled a war on the Lower Middle Class (LMC). Before Reagan the vast majority of Americans were LMC workers on farms, factories, mines or vehicle drivers, teachers, nurse's aides and orderlies, etc.

Yet most of them raised families and even helped the smarter kids through college on one to 1 incomes, and each generation lived better than the last even without changing jobs etc. CEOs made several times what their LMC workers did.

Since Reagan, the GOP has fought to defeat unions, lower taxes on the upper classes, support almost all mergers, creating lots of "too big to fail" companies, privatize everything in sight to the advantage of the rich over the LMC. The oil companies, banks etc. Teddy Roosevelt broke up are now many times larger than ever. They have privatized the profits but socialized the losses as they bail out the screw-ups of these megacompanies.

Today, the LMC need two-plus incomes to just keep up with their parents' lifestyles. The CEOs make thousands of times what the LMC workers do and the GOP work hard with Grover Norquist's and Paul Ryan's plans to reduce benefits for the poor and further lower taxes on the rich.

Bob Lambert

Lake in the Hills

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