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posted: 5/8/2013 4:40 AM

Maybe we should ground Mrs. Obama

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Maybe we should ground Mrs. Obama

President Obama has acted like the little kid who could not have his way and takes his ball and goes home.

Cutting back on the air controllers was a planned move to inconvenience the public enough that they would think the recent cutbacks were not necessary.

Then closing the White House to the public was another contrived move.

Do we need to remind him that he is a temporary resident and the White House belongs to the people of this country?

Grounding the First Lady would save millions of dollars of taxpayer money.

Today we have a 7.7 percent unemployment figure in addition to all the people who have given up trying to find work and she is flying all around the world with her entourage and secret service.

The president says he is capable of making hard decisions, I wonder if he has the nerve to make this one.

Charles Brown


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