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Article updated: 4/30/2013 10:09 AM

The sequester con game

One of the few things a majority of Americans agree with is that the federal government wastes an enormous amount of taxpayer money.

A Gallup poll showed that Americans believe on average that the government wastes 51 percent of our money. Yet instead of cutting waste in the sequester, the FAA furloughed air traffic controllers hoping that it will create enough pain that tax payers will put pressure on Republicans to approve another tax increase on top of the massive $600 billion tax increase just passed.

Obama invented the sequester and he signed it. Even though it amounts to a modest 2 percent decrease in the rate of government spending increases (not a reduction in actual spending.)

Obama is trying to cast Republicans as evil and heartless because they are enforcing Obama's own sequester and they don't want to raise more taxes or add to our stratospheric debt of $16.8 trillion.

It is not enough that President Obama and the feds already spend 24 percent of the nation's entire GDP, they want more. Instead of cutting enormous waste or nonessential employees, the FAA is furloughing critical air traffic controllers to intentionally intensify tax payer pain and hysteria.

Just like when Gov. Pat Quinn cut mental health to intentionally create pain to sell his 66 percent state tax increase.

Is anybody out there paying attention or have we become a nation of sheep? As Edward Murrow warned, "A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves."

The government wolves are at the door and they want your money.

Randy Rossi


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