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posted: 4/24/2013 4:40 AM

We care about our children's safety

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We care about our children's safety

I am deeply saddened by the cowardliness that our Congress showed with their vote. I believe in the Constitution, I also believe our people should feel safe and not fear being shot to death by yet another "law abiding citizen" who suddenly snaps.

The reality is these shootings and violence are becoming more and more common and accepted. People hear of children being shot to death in their school and say, "Oh that is sad, but it is over lets move on." I find it hard to move on from hearing of people dying everyday to gun violence.

People said this legislation wasn't going to stop criminals, because criminals do not adhere to the laws. While they are correct that criminals do not follow the laws, they seem to want to overlook where criminals get their guns. They cannot buy them from a store or dealer with current laws, but they can buy them off the Internet on Craig's List or Facebook.

Our Congressmen should all be ashamed of themselves for cowering to the NRA and gun manufacturers. Money should never be more important than human life. After Sept. 11 we had many liberties infringed upon and no one complained because it was for our safety. Why is this any different?

I can assure them they will not get my vote next time around. I truly hope they get no one's vote, as they did not vote for us, they voted for themselves. So they realize the mothers of the children of the United States will go and vote to make sure they lose their seat because we do not care about money or political standing; we care about our children's safety.

Denise Byrnes


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