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Article posted: 4/24/2013 4:40 AM

Stop trying to idolize Wild West

Stop trying to idolize Wild West

I want to thank Senators Durbin and Kirk for their vote with the majority of the American people in support of expanded background checks. The overblown worship and misinterpretation of the Second Amendment, and the use of this to incite fear and reactionary behavior, are tools of the NRA, bought and paid for by gun manufacturers.

For common-sense regulations to be interpreted as infringing on anyone's Constitutional rights is ridiculous. The welfare of our citizens comes first, not the special interests of a few.

And just what part of "a well-regulated militia" do they not understand? We have a professional military. The Second Amendment was written before that, when we needed citizens to be armed to fight the British, not their fellow citizens and government. Do any of our votes count when so many politicians are, in essence, owned by those who contribute to their campaigns? How much corruption will we tolerate?

We have other regulations in place for other privileges. Why should owning and carrying lethal weapons be exempt from regulation? The Wild West is a myth. Stop trying to idolize it and revert to it as a standard for today's civilization.

Barbara Andrae


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