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posted: 4/17/2013 5:40 AM

Not trying to take away your rights

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Not trying to take away your rights

I am getting sick and tired of the cries that the government is trying to take away your right to bear arms. Isn't there anyone out there with common sense who understands that the people who are advocating gun laws are only referring to assault weapons and high capacity ammo clips?

Only the military should be assigned these weapons; there is no logical reason for anyone else to have them.

The men who signed and enacted the 2nd Amendment in 1791 who had no idea what kind of guns would be around 250 years ahead. Had they known I feel sure they might have worded the amendment a little differently.

What the government is trying to do is protect the helpless and the innocent from being slaughtered in large numbers. Many of our children have died, and it is escalating to horrifying extents.

These monsters have no conscience, they go after victims who cannot fight back and they get help from the adults who keep crying out about their rights given to them by the 2nd Amendment and who leave the constitutional right guns around for easy pickup.

Why can't you stand up, open your eyes and heart and see what your demands are doing to these innocent victims and do something about it? Until you hardheads wake up and get some common sense these massacres will continue. One day it may affect your children, your families. Then what will your feelings be? As long as these monsters can get access to a multi-action weapon no one and no where is safe in this crazy world.

R.J. Nicholas

Glen Ellyn

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